Northview – buildings at risk

**Note - this page is now out of date as repairs have been carried out**

Neglect and disrepair

Northview is sadly being allowed to decay. Shown here are a few examples from neglected maintenance and decoration to more serious problems.

Northview front door to Tufnell Park Road

Above: front entrance on Tufnell Park Road. Below: parapet wall above Tufnell Park Road

Northview front block parapet

Northview roof disrepair water pipe at Northview

Above: roof of front block, showing water pipes. The roof was patched in 2013, but there is no sign of any programmed maintenance/repair. Pictures taken in May 2013 show it is still in a poor condition. A surveyor described it as “shot to bits” in 2010

Northview common partssoffitNorthview crack in flank wallplaster Northview

Common parts by and below stairs; crack in flank wall along where flue runs – note condition of tiles on top of flue; common parts by balcony door - this immediate area has now been repainted, but not the whole common parts, and staining and neglect is still evident.

leaking pipedamp wallNorthview flood

Leaking plumbing; green discolouration on rear wall from damp; flooding on first floor after rain

balcony tile stepturf roof

Broken coping stone and discoloured bricks on balcony wall; cracks to doorstep and damaged adjacent brickwork; grass growing on roof


crack in wallgap in fencedumped estate agents boards

Cracked perimeter wall with broken coping stones; broken perimeter fence allowing easy access to grounds at rear of Northview; our managing agent’s boards dumped in grounds behind flats (removed in 2011 after leasehold valuation tribunal hearing)


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